Live music at a civil wedding is a simple way to turn a short ceremony into a touching event! Our repertoire for couples who chose to have a civil wedding includes music: during the gathering of the guests and the couple’s entrance, during the signing of the register, during the couple’s exit, during the congratulations.

Following the ceremony, we can also provide the musical setting for the wedding reception.

Sample setlist

Wedding march- R. Wagner

Hallelujah- L. Cohen

Wedding march- F. Mendelssohn

Songs suggested for congratulations:
Perfect- E. Sheeran
Por una cabeza- C. Gardel
Hallelujah- L. Cohen
Gariel’s oboe – E. Morricone
La vie en rose- E. Piaf
Odrobinę szczęścia w miłości- I. Santor
Moon river- H. Mancini
Over the rainbow- H. Arlen

We stand out by giving you the freedom
to pick the lineup of your choice.

We suggest:


string quartet,
piano pop voice violin cello/double bass


pop voice and string quartet,
two violins piano cello/double bass saxophone,
pop voice piano/guitar violin cello/double bass saxophone

Larger ensembles

pop voice piano string quartet,
pop vocal duo string quartet piano/guitar


harp solo, harp violin cello

These are just some of our proposals. We’ll tailor each project to your needs.

If you are looking for musicians
This will make this beautiful day even more special


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