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My name is Katarzyna Bystrzycka and I have been providing brides and grooms with unforgettable experiences for over 15 years, developing the “Wedding Violins” brand. Currently, I give concerts as a solo violinist all around the world. Performances in front of an international audience require maintaining an extremely high level. I translate this attention to quality to every musician cooperating with my company.

Quality is the determinant of

The Wedding Violins

I have been playing the violin since my childhood. Even back then, I knew that my life was going to be filled with music. After attending music school first, I then continued my education at an university and moved abroad to do what I love to – the best of my ability.

The Wedding Violins are a group

of experienced musicians,

I work with and coordinate.

Let us make your engagement, wedding or reception even more beautiful with our music.

The Wedding Violins will make your dreams about a wonderful wedding
and stress-free wedding preparations come true.

You can leave the musical setting to us
and… focus on other stages of organising your wedding with the peace of mind

Your music will

be in good hands